Atacosta Germplasm Texas Grama

Atascosa Germplasm Texas Grama (Bouteloua rigidiseta Steud.)

Warm season perennial grass native to southern Texas. The low-growing, dense bunchgrass grows 1 to 2 ½ feet in height and produces multiple heads, each bearing a spike containing 5 – 14 seed spikes with 3 – 5 seeds per spike. It will flower and produce seed throughout the year and frequently reseeds itself.

Atascosa Germplasm Texas GramaAdaptation: Will grow on sand, sandy loam, clay and clay loam soil types. Compatible in plantings with other native species. Has shown good performance in the South Texas Plains, Gulf Prairie and Marshes and Coastal Sand Plains regions of South Texas.

Uses: Developed for use in highway right-of-way seeding, native rangeland restoration, areas susceptible to erosion and wildlife plantings in the Rio Grande Plains of Texas. 


Seeding Rate


Planting Depth

Seed Maturity


 9 lbs PLS/ac.





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