Looking for success in your pasture or food plot? Trying to find that perfect seed for producing superior grazing for livestock and wildlife? Well, your search is finally over. We’re your expert for all your seed needs!

Pogue Agri Partners is your local one stop resource for all South Texas native and improved grasses. Our staff can assist you with our South Texas Natives as well as adapted natives for south Texas and introduced improved forage grasses adaptive to all of South Texas.

It is our goal here at Pogue Agri Partners to provide the finest quality seed and service to the agricultural industry to further enhance and sustain agriculture throughout the American Southwest, Mexico and other countries around the world. Varieties listed in this web page are only a portion of the total inventory of seed we have available, or can acquire for you from our vast network of seed connections. Please call or email us for any of your seed needs, even if they are not included in our web page.


 Triple Pea Blend Food Plot


Give Them What They Want!
Ranches want hunters, hunters want big bucks, and big bucks want Pogue. Now is the time to be planting our Buck Buffet Blends: Buck BuffetTM Triple Pea Blend, Buck BuffetTM Cereal Blend and Buck BuffetTMLegume Blend.
The newly released Tamo 411 Oats combines excellent grain yield, test weight, forage potential, winter hardiness, and straw strength. However, Tamcale 6331 Triticale is an excellent small grain forage alternative for the southern half of Texas.
Bring in the Medic.
Plant once for both livestock and wildlife. The Armadillo Burr Medic provides earlier grazing than most other clovers or medics and grows through the winter with flowering beginning in late January or February. While Devine Little Burr Medic has better winter hardiness than any other burr medic currently used in this area. If allowed to seed it will re-establish itself naturally for years.
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