Pasture Renovator

What is:

The pasture renovator roller has been designed to aerate, loosen and decompact soil, enhancing nutrient movement, rain water retention and soil aeration at the least possible cost without damaging existing sod while providing a means for brush control.

This tool consists of a metal drum with a series of helicoidally placed blades offering greater soil penetration a totally soft rolling motion, and requiring less horsepower thus diminishing fuel consumption.

Tandem Drum Renovator
Tandem Drum Renovator

How does it work:

As with most renovating tools, the work performed by this implement is to mechanically alter the physical structure of the soil, thus increasing water retention capacity, promoting native or seeded grass growth, without topsoil turnover, which occurs when using traditional blade/disc implements.

Single Drum Renovator
Single Drum Renovator
Forage Production:

Depending on factors such as vegetation coverage, soil type, terrain slope and rainfall intensity; we lose between 10 to 80% of water by runoff, plus evaporation, percolation, non-forage plants and inefficient grazing.

For every inch of rainfall lost due to runoff, we lose approximately 30 thousand gallons per acre.  Considering that a forage plant needs around 90 gallons to produce 2.2 lbs. of dry matter, so for every inch lost, we lose the capacity to potentially produce 1540 lbs. of additional forge.



Table II.  Additional annual forage production average (air dry) obtained using different pasture renovation tools in South Texas*
Renovation Tool Additional forage production (lbs/ac) 
on  non-treated buffel grass pastures
Pasture Renovator
*Figures published by the Texas Agricultural Extension Department, from research carried out by Texas A&M University.


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