Later Grazer BMR

This hybrid has a wide range of adaptations because of its excellent drought resistance and yield of quality multi-purpose forage for direct pasture and hay.  It has a higher protein and digestibility than conventional sorghum/sudan hybrids, high green leaf retention, good tillering, re-growth and recovery capability.   

Brown midrib (bmr) gives more value to this Late Maturity (LM) hybrid. The late maturity (LM) concept produces hybrids that are 20-30 days later than conventional sorghum/sudan hybrids.  This late maturity allows a wider window for harvest of high quality leaves before boot stage is reached.  This LM/brown midrib hybrid produces greater IVTD value and a higher crude protein.  IVTD of this hybrid was 20+% more than a commercial check in trials. 

  • Excellent stand ability
  • Multiple usages
  • High tonnage
  • Higher digestibility & crude protein
Later Grazer BMR Later Grazer BMR Later Grazer BMR

Planting Dates

Soil Type

Drought Tolerance

Cold Tolerance


 Wide Range




Min. Rainfall Requirements

Planting Rates (row)

Planting Rates (Broadcast)

Planting Depths


35-40 lb per ac

45 lb per ac


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