Pearl Millet

Pearl millet is a common grain in the semi arid areas of Africa, south of the Sahara. Pearl millet is one of the most water-efficient cultivated plants. Its water requirement values fall between the proso and common millet. It survives well where dry land sorghums may fail to make a crop. Plant millet when soil temperatures reach 60 degrees F at seeding depth. It may be row dropped or drilled with a grain drill. Do not plant more than 1 inch deep.

Pearl millet is a excellent choice for attracting doves. It is also an outstanding plant for quail management. Pearl Millet also makes excellent grazing for livestock, and unlike Sorghums, there is no risk of prussic acid poisoning.

Planting Dates

Soil Type

Drought Tolerance

Cold Tolerance


 Wide Range



Min. Rainfall Requirements

Planting Rates (row)

Planting Rates (Broadcast)

Planting Depths


8-10 lbs/acre

15-20 lbs/acre


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